Saturday, January 8, 2011

The beggining of my hobbies in new year


How was your New Years Day? Did you have a happy new year?

I was pity not to have my grand child in the last week. She got a cold and her mother decided not to go out. I couldn't meet her.

I'm going to go to Tokyo to meet her by the end of this month.
Though  I told you I wanted to go to Tokyo see the soccer Japan champion ship game or collage rugby   games, I  quited to go  because it was too cold for me.

I begun to do my hobbies from last week. I went to Tokyo to play team match. I went to Kawagoe to join my Bridge club. I attended to my ocarina practice.

I have a plan what to do  this week. At first I'll review my New Years resolution for my learning English in  the last year. Then I'll make my new one for 2011 year.


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